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A Few Faves: Drugstore Makeup

Recently becoming a new mama-sita, I have a major case of Catholic guilt when making big purchases… no wait… making any purchase. Why didn’t anyone warn me about this before Mason was born? I could have had an epic shopping spree! Anyways, I digress. Onto my drugstore finds. Because of this buyers remorse that recently surfaced, I’ve been making trips back and forth between ULTA, CVS, and Target and reading makeup forums and blogs, in search of some awesome BUT AFFORDABLE beauty products. I want to stop blowing my money on things that aren’t 100% necessary for everyday wear, like highlighters, lipstick, and primers. You know, the supplementary items so to speak. So here are a few of my recent faves:

Foundation: Revlon Photo Ready vs. Makeup For Ever HD

Revlon Photo Ready: After doing a lot of research and testing in stores, I found this foundation to be the most comparable to my beloved Makeup For Ever HD foundation. At nearly 1/3 of the cost, I think RPR could be a great replacement for MUFE HD. This line of foundation offers 12 shades to choose from in the store and I was lucky to find a shade that was pretty spot on with my complexion (Nude 003). That being said, I probably could have purchased the next darkest shade and blended the two colors together for a more exact match, which I oftentimes like to do when in between seasons.

RPR is advertised as a light coverage foundation but I honestly found that it was more-so in between light to medium. Two pumps of this liquid goodness covered up nearly all of my blemishes and the discoloration in my face, but it still felt lightweight. The biggest plus is that this lasted ALL DAY and didn’t become oily or smudgy on my skin after a long period of time.

Some things I didn’t like about it? It blended well in most areas but I found it to look chalky in the areas where I had super dry skin or dried up blemishes. With that in mind, I felt like I have more of a dewy look with the MUFE HD, whereas the RPR feels more matte. The irony about that is that this product is that it’s advertised as being “dewy”. I wouldn’t go that far. Keeping my skin well hydrated and using light-illuminating products on top of the foundation helped to remedy that situation, as you see in my “final look” photo at the bottom of this post.

Another downside is that RPR required slightly more product than MUFE HD. I needed about two pumps of product for the right amount of coverage, but that’s still one pump more than I need with MUFE HD. Regardless, it didn’t feel heavy or cakey on my skin.

Final verdict? I was pretty impressed with this foundation and will probably continue to use it here and there–like when I run errands for instance. But will it become a permanent replacement? No. I think I’ve spoiled myself too much with foundations and at this point that there’s no turning back however, I would recommend this for any normal human being who isn’t foundation-stingy like me.

Revlon Photo Ready Foundation for $13.99 at ULTA



This primer is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE find of them all. It not only helped to ensure smooth application of my foundation, but it also helped to brighten my skin and give me that dewy look I was going for. I am OBSESSED. I picked this up at Target for $10.99. That may sound pricey but you don’t need to use much. A little goes a long way!

L’Oreal Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer for $10.99 at Target



Another great Target find is this e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip. I found this extremely comparable to the Benefit High Beam highlighter. My favorite part about this product? It’s only $1!!! Yes, you heard that correctly. Only one George Washington for this baby! I use this on the tops of my cheek bones, above my bronzer, and typically dab it on with my ring finger. I love the dewy look it gives me!

e.l.f. Shimmering Facial Whip for $1.00 at Target


Waterline Eye Brightener

Nothing drives me crazier than when women use white eyeliner to brighten their waterline–and I’ll call myself out because I totally used to be guilty of this. It looks so harsh against eye makeup and so unnatural. So I ditched my white eyeliner and found this flesh colored pencil in the NYX aisle at ULTA. This is a more natural, nude pencil that brightens the eyes and waterline without looking too harsh. I love how much it brightens my eyes! Lord knows I will do anything to look more awake and vibrant after being up with baby all night.

NYX Wonder Pencil for $4.49 at ULTA


Fall Blush

I’m usually a sucker for Nars blushes however, I accidentally stumbled upon this glorious baby in the NYX aisle and am super obsessed with the color! Side note: Are you sensing the NYX theme yet? I have a fascination with anything made by NYX. Anyways, onto that blush I found. The color resembles more of a soft pinkish-mauve and would definitely compliment any skin tone. The only downside is that this is a creme blush, so stay away if you are not down for that. I played around with it and found it applied best with a brush and not directly from the stick onto my skin. This will definitely be a staple for me during the fall.

NYX Stick Blush in Water Lily for $5.99 at ULTA


Fall Lipstick

Bold lips are in this fall and no one can deny it. But you can sport a bold lip without looking totally ridiculous, right? That’s why I was in search of a natural mauve lip color, closely resembling that which Kylie Jenner seems to always rock lately (pic below). That’s the first and last time a Kardashian will breach the pages of my blog. Promise.

I went through about a hundred swatches at ULTA and this was my favorite, in both color and texture. I was blown away by how pigmented and creamy it was! I wanted a softer look so I opted to use a lip brush to apply it. The application was so smooth, I don’t think it could get any better. I paired this lipstick with the NYX Slim Lip Pencil (colors below).

NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick in Soft Mauve-Pink (B52) for $4.00 at ULTA/Target

NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Ever 828 for $3.50 at ULTA/Target


BB Cream

One thing I have tried a lot of in drugstores are BB creams. And this one? The best by a long stretch! The coverage is very light but does a great job of evening out my skin tone. I think the biggest perk with this is how well the color matched. I found L’Oreal and Maybelline BB creams to have orange-ish, unnatural tones in them and they never seemed to apply smoothly. This BB cream does the opposite. Not only does it apply smoothly, much like a tinted moisturizer, but the color is so spot on it’s crazy. It’s sold in three different shades which made it pretty easy to find a match: Nude, Natural, and Golden. Highly recommend!

NYX BB Cream for $12.99 at ULTA (For reference: I was shade Golden in the summer and am now probably closer to shade Natural)


So there you have it! My favorite drugstore products at the moment. Here was my final look (#seriousselfie) after using pretty much all the aforementioned products, except the NYX lipstick and the BB cream. Guess I wasn’t in a “lipstick” kind of mood on that day. Thanks for stopping by and listen to be blab on! 🙂


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